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Swimming – Pool

We have two, 1 hour coached swim session on Tuesday evenings:
At Rossington Leisure Centre.

Timings: 19:30-21:30

Coached swim session’s on Thursday Evenings:

At Askern Swimming Pool

Timings: 18:00-19:00


Saturday afternoon 12:45-13:45 at

Rossington Swimming Pool

Swimming – Open Water



Spin Classes at Fitness Village Balby on Mondays 7-8pm

Our resident instructors are Tony Vout (Mondays)

and Susie Warris (Wednesdays) at Adwick Leisure Centre 7-8pm


We have coached runs on Sunday mornings

Venue: Car park at the end of the Straight Mile at Sandall Beat Woods

Time: 09:00

Duration: 1 hour

We normally start with a gentle warm up including drills and dynamic stretching as this an area that runners are notorious for neglecting!

The groups will be divided into ability levels and also into the distance that people are wanting to go. (dependant upon what they are training for ).

Also many of our members train with Doncaster Athletic Club at the Keepmoat, for details just ask one of our coaches.

Strength & Conditioning

Adwick Leisure Centre Wednesdays 6-7pm

What is Strength & Conditioning?

This is the term that is used to describe weight bearing exercises that are designed to work on the entire development of an athlete and what is needed to improve physical performance.” Strength and conditioning is not: Finishing a run on the treadmill with some press ups and sit-ups.
Who does S&C training?
All elite athletes regardless of their sport spend a lot of their training time working to improve their strength and condition.
I don’t have time to do S&C training?
If this applies to you, take a look at what training you are doing and then drop one of your other sessions so that you can fit in some S&C.
But I have to swim bike and run for triathlon, I simply couldn’t fit in anything else.
Does this sound familiar, again I would say drop a run session from your training as this is where 75% of all triathlete injuries occur. S&C really is that important to you.
Why is it so important?
Every sport involves the application of force, the main benefits to you are:
• Injury prevention through use of a well-designed program to prevent or eliminate muscle imbalances as well as strengthen tendons and ligaments.
• Improve your sports performance by preparing your body’s ability to utilise its energy systems effectively and
• Increase your strength, speed and power
• Increase muscle mass if needed
• Increase flexibility, mobility and stability
• Improve balance and co-ordination
• Restore correct movement patterns
• Reduce body fat
• Slow down the ageing process.
What if I ignore your advice and don’t do any S&C?
A training program that purely relies totally on running, swimming and cycling could lead to:
• Over-use injuries.
• Less flexibility and range of movement
• Less strength
• Lower bone mineral density
Not a good picture I’m sure you’ll agree!
The answer is to get to as many of Susie’s Friday S&C classes at Armthorpe Leisure Centre. She has a wealth of experience and a passion to help people improve their lifestyle, and athletic performance.

Pilates and Functional Movement

at Balby Fitness Village Mondays 8:30-9:30pm and Armthorpe LC Fridays 6-7pm

Pilates is not just a set of exercises: it is an awareness of the way we use our bodies.

The Pilates method of training is based on the original works of German born Joseph Pilates who designed a series of exercises that used both physical and mental techniques to condition the body. His original method of exercise was devised for actors, dancers and athletes.

In the 1920′s, he used his studio in New York to run exercise programmes that complimented the training they were already undertaking to help build strength, improve posture and increase flexibility.

Pilates methods including advanced anatomy, core stability, shoulder stability, muscle imbalance, postural analysis and exercise planning and programming.

The slow and controlled approach to exercise that we adopt can also help to relieve stress and tension, help with back problems, assist in injury rehabilitation and improve body awareness by improving posture, muscle tone, flexibility and core stability.

In recent years Pilates has gone from being virtually unknown to studios, health clubs and private classes adopting his methods and running Pilates programmes. It has also extended to elite athletes employing their own teachers to help them with posture and core strength, we believe that if its good enough for the elites it is good enough for all of our members and probably more so because of the demands of modern life.